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These are the countries IBI focuses on

Romania - The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a multi cultural Western European country with an open and tolerant mentality. It is a small and flat country with a lot of water. It has a comparatively high standard of living and people are well educated, almost all of them speaking English.

Its active entrepeneurship is charactarized by a strong openness to import, export and invest. It is a well structured and well arranged country. The shadow side of this is a bureaucracy based on many rules and regulations.

Doing business in the Netherlands is mainly rational, with time frames and agreements which are to be respected. Coming to the point, saying what you want and not losing too much time in getting a deal, is the typical Dutch way. For Romanian companies it is interesting to export to the Netherlands and to take over the production of Dutch companies.

The Netherlands - Romania

Romania is one of the latest rising Eastern European markets that became a member of the European Union on the 1st of January 2007. It is a big and beautiful country with a lot of variation in nature and lots of space.

Wages are low and people are well educated. Communism still left strong traces of bureaucracy and corruption. The new, more liberal government has been taking action against this since January 2005. Although Romania is an Eastern European country with strong Slavonic influences in the northeast, it has a Latin background.

Doing business in Romania is relation based and takes time. Living up to appointments and agreements is not yet common sense and contracts are necessary. For Dutch companies it is interesting to import from Romania, to outsource production and storage to Romania, and to invest in real estate.
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