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These are the IBI additional services

market research and feasibility studies

Successful business on foreign markets requires vision. But vision without action is an illusion. So your entrepreneurial spirit surely is a decisive factor. On the other hand, action without planning and preparation can be very tiring and costly. In order to make proper strategic choises concerning your international ambitions you need current market information and realistic opportunity and risk estimation. And after making your strategic choises in a well considered way, you can focus your energy by setting both realistic and challenging goals, followed by concrete plans how to reach these goals. Of course, a good research and a good plan do not necessarily make good business, but they can greatly increase your chances for success.

It is vital to record and analyze data about customers, competitors and trends in order to have a clear image about the environment you are going to invest in. It will help you create a business plan, launch a new product or service and fine tune existing products and services. It can be used to determine which target market will purchase the product or service, based on variables like age, gender, location and income level. You will be able to make better business decisions concerning the development and marketing on new products.
I.B.I has the expertise to make your international success less dependent on good will and good luck.

business trips, seminars and workshops

Business travel is not like a vacation. Sure, it might involve exotic locations, a variety of cultures and customs, and introductions to new people, but many frequent you would be happier if you could just stay home. Travelling on business can be tiring and stressful, whether you go abroad for a meeting with a client or supplier, or fly to a nearby city every week to meet with your staff or your boss.
Whether you need us to find the perfect business match for you or you already have a partner in Romania, we can take away the stress from you by arranging the unpleasant details of your business trip, be it individual, be it collective ... such as flight tickets, hotel, transportation, meetings' agenda with potential or existing customers or suppliers. Everthing will be thoroughly discussed first with you to make sure that every arrangement has your full acceptance.

In order to conduct successful business on foreign markets it is essential to understand and observe specific cultural, family, political and business values. It is obvious that you will recognise that not everybody does business in the way you do. Regardless of business experience you have in your home country, by getting the right differences when doing business abroad, you minimise the risks, frustrations and dissapointments.
Attending seminars and workshops before having the first contacts with foreign organizations will help you recognise the cultural challenges and opportunities associated with doing business in a country you don't know, understand a different business culture, business-etiquette and business structures, avoid cultural misunderstandings and interact more successfully with foreign business partners.

legal and tax services

Everybody negotiates on a regular basis. At home or at work. As a parent or a child. As a salesman or a purchaser. For some it seems easy, but others view this process of negotiation as a source of conflict to be resisted and avoided if possible.

At I.B.I we don't treat negotiation as a competitive sport focusing on winning only. Especially not when it concerns establishing long term business relationships.
We strongly believe that any relationship is about the balance between giving and taking. And we know how to negotiate win-wins. And once a win-win agreement is achieved, we draft a contract that accurately reflects what has been agreed upon. All according to both domestic and international rules.

One of the most fundamental decisions you make when getting your international business started, is selecting its corporate structure. For each of the possible corporate entities the law states general and specific legal and tax regulations and implications for both the enterprise and its principals. The consequence of making a wrong choise can be very inconvenient.
In each country that I.B.I covers, we have local consultants specialised in the specific legal and tax matters of that particular country, both on domestic and international matters. Our consultants are always up-to-date, which is especially important in economically boosting countries with rising markets and fast changing laws. All consultants speak both their native language and English.

credit reporting and debt collection

You wish your international business efforts to be successful. You want your return on investment. That's why you wish your potential international business partners to be in the financial position they claim to be. I.B.I supplies you with complete, up to date and checked credit reports containing balance sheets, annual reports and much more which will help you to decide with confidence and trust instead of hope. And if anyhow one of your international business partners proves to be unreliable in payments, I.B.I can support you in making them meet their obligations.

sales support

Establishing as well as generating new sales is the key to success in any business. Sales processes and procedures may vary from country to country. A specific sales strategy might work in one country and not in another. But every business needs to sell and the key to selling is correctly understanding what customers need. You're not really selling, you're making people happy. Qualifying the customer and performing an accurate needs' analysis is therefore a very important part of selling.
The idea that great sales people can sell anything to anyone assumes that people will buy products and services they simply don't need. This way of doing business, the hit and run approach, is best suited to con artists pedaling products and services that are of little value to the customer.

There is no need to be pesimistic even if you are at the very beginning regarding your sales power. Unless you forgot to ask yourself the question: "does the specific market have a real need for my products or services?" And even thou it is not too late. We will assist you in identifying the needs of the market related to your products and services and give you full sales support in order to guarantee customers for you from the start.
The I.B.I team is experienced in cold canvassing and focused on finding potential clients for you. All our sales employees have a commercial attitude with highly developed commercial competences. The I.B.I team is experienced in cold canvassing and focused on finding potential clients for you.
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