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This is how IBI works

Step 1: intake interview

We ask after your international ambition. We listen to your wishes, needs and conditions. We make a clear picture of your company profile and the profile of the potential match. The more we know, the more we focus during our search.

Step 2: project plan

With the information you give us, we draft a concise project plan. This project plan shows you, which steps are taken in which order within which time frame, including the budget needed. The more you know, the more you trust us.

Step 3: search

After your approval of the project plan and the budget, we start searching. We frequenty inform you about the status of the search. We supply you with two suitable potential matches. The fewer possibilities we offer, the easier the choice for you.

Step 4: presentation

The moment we find two potential matches, we present them to you. We explain to you the pros and cons of each potential match. Visiting them may be part of the presentation. The more you look somebody into the eyes, the better you feel whether itís okay.

Step 5: negotiation

After you express your preference we negotiate a profitable agreement with the potential match. We are well trained in negotiation skills and we are familiar with the specific strategic, cultural and communicative doís and doníts. The better the deal, the more satisfied you are.

Step 6: contracting

When we agree on a deal, we conclude this agreement in a contract with the potential match. The contract represents the rights and duties of each party and meets all legal and tax regulations. The better the contract, the less trouble you get.

Step 7: evaluation

After a while we contact you to hear how things are going. We listen to your experiences, your tops and tips and we use this information to improve our services. The more feedback, the better we get.
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