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International business matchmaking

IBI is the answer to this question. IBI is your specialist in international business matchmaking. We listen to your international ambitions and ideas how to accomplish them. We help you to make a profile of the potential match. We search for you. We present candidates to you. We report the advantages and disadvantages of each candidate. And if you want us to, we even negotiate and conclude contracts for you.

International business matchmaking is our core business. We are not your strategy consultant, not your accountant, nor your bank.
We trust that your international ambitions are based on a good strategy and that you can finance these ambitions. And we also trust that you have good products and services.

But our real passion is supporting your international ambitions through finding the right international business match for you. You can have challenging goals and well designed plans. But without the right people doing the right things in the right way, your international ambitions will fail. Without trust in the quality, competence and ethics of the potential business match, you should not even think of starting.

So, finding and selecting the proper business match is very important. Why would you take the trouble to spend time and money to search, travel and meet, if IBI can do that for you? We know the country, its people, its culture and its special ways. Only in the final stage of the matchmaking we need your personal presence. After all, you are the one who should be convinced that we found the right match for you.
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