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    Did you know that Romania has been Europe’s greatest grain producer and granary in the mid - 20th century?

    With large surface of good agricultural land, with the right climate conditions and with a predominant agrarian economy, Romania attracted the international attention and it was the main supplier of grains for the most developed West-European countries. In almost half of century of communistic industrialization, this sector turned into the “economy’s Cinderella”. Sadly, 18 years of freedom have not helped it recovering and regaining its rightful top place.

    Although the Romanian government and other public and private bodies support the agriculture development by creating the necessary legal frame and by offering access to national and European funding programmes, the present small farming groups and individual farmers do not have (yet) the power or the know how of medium and large organisations to receive funds and plan the agricultural activity in a profitable way. Nevertheless, Romania still has large surface of good agricultural land and the right climate conditions, opening challenging opportunities to inventive entrepreneurs that understand and choose to use them.

    INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS INTERMEDIATES (IBI) invites all the interested parties in the opportunities offered by the Romanian agriculture to contact us either in the Dutch office (in Weert) or directly in one of the Romanian office (in Timisoara) and to play an active role in this emerging market. If you are a specialist in this field, do not hesitate to make profit!

International business matchmaking

If your international strategic choise is to import or export, to outsource or to settle abroad, to invest or to establish a knowledge based cooperation, then you face the challenge of finding a trustworthy and profitable business match.

A business partner in a country you don't know. A country with its own political, social, economical and cultural features. With its rising markets, fast changing conditions, prices and laws and its own methods of working. We help you to make a profile of the potential match. We search and present suitable candidates. We report the advantages and disadvantages of each candidate.

Why would you take the trouble to spend time and money to search, travel and meet, if I.B.I can do that for you? After you have shown your preference we arrange and guide your visit to the potential business partners to see for yourself and to take the final decision.
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